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RE: Open the Book

We welcomed 'Open the Book' into our Tuesday worship assembly this morning. As always, it was lovely to see them! In the story today, we heard about a special basket which held a very special baby. The baby we heard about was an Israelite, who had been put there in...

Science: Testing Materials

This afternoon we went up to Golborne High School to have a science lesson with Miss Hillidge. Following on with our CSI unit, we tested some of the white powder that was found at the crime scene. We used a bunsen flame to test the combustion colour of the different...

Year 6 drugs and alcohol

This afternoon was really fun as we got to learn and receive information about drugs and alcohol.I really hope that the nurses come back and visit as it was a very nice way to end my Monday. Thank you for coming, I learnt a lot of useful information I can use in the...


We have seen some more fantastic examples of homework. Oliver has made a musical instrument using a long cardboard tube, box and elastic bands. Well done Oliver.

Next week

Next week is anti bullying week. We will also begin practicing our nativity. In maths we will be continuing with money. Miss Hillidge will be back in on Wednesday.

10.11.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be finishing off our set of instructions based on The Twits and then looking at the genre of biographies.  Maths will focus upon division, looking at both mental and written methods.  On Monday, we will be going to Golborne High School...


We have been learning the months of the year and how to say when our birthday is. Today we played a 'loop' game, so we had to know the months in French and English. When we first tried, it took us nearly 1 and a half minutes, but after we practised, it took us just 59...

Hockey tournament

This afternoon, Year 5 and Year 6 combined to take part in a hockey tournament. It was lots of fun and it was great to see the children put the skills they have learnt into practice.           

SMSC: Operation Christmas Child

Thanks to everyone in Year 5 who has donated items as part of our Operation Christmas Child Appeal. We hope that the children who receive them this Christmas will be thrilled with their gift!


We have had some good examples of homework tasks this week. Keep up the hard work Year 4.       


Summer made a musical instrument using rice,coloured tape, a kinder egg and spoons. Well done Summer!   

Homework stars

We have had some fabulous treasure maps this week.       Thomas and Cody also made some fantastic musical instruments. 

Outdoor Learning in Art: Land Art

What a creative time we had this afternoon producing our own land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We thought about how to use the materials to create art work using the natural materials found within the landscape. Also, we used a needle and thread to add a...

Problem Solving

Today we had to work out how we could put 15 eggs into three baskets.  The greatest number had to be in the first basket and the least number had to be in the last basket.   


One of the tasks is to make a castle. Isaac has made a model, including a working draw bridge. It is amazing!   

Art: Land Art (in class!)

This afternoon we began our new art topic looking at the learning question 'What will our wall hanging celebrate?'. Thankfully, the rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm for creating some land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Rather than completing our ephemeral art...


This afternoon, Year 6 wrote an argument about the possibility of having a cinema in Golborne.


We have been learning numbers up to 20. Today we found out how to say how old we are.  We used a board game to practise.   


In PE we have been looking at how movement and gestures can be used to communicate feelings and ideas. We have been using Bonfire night and the Gunpowder Plot as our stimulus and we have using movement patterns to tell the story of the plotters.      

Homework: Tudor Baking

It was lovely to see that Scarlet had completed some Tudor baking as part of her homework this weekend. She even brought two samples in for me and Mrs Nylan to try.  Thanks Scarlet! 

Next week

In English we will be retelling the story of The Tin Forest. In Maths we will be looking at money and finding different ways to make amounts.

Next week 

In English, the children will be writing and editing a short story. In topic, the children will be finishing our 'I'm a Year 6 pupil get me out of here' topic looking a map scales and reading compass points. In maths, the children will be looking again at fractions.


Today, the children painted (using watercolours) their image that they captured on Wednesday. First of all the children did a wash on their paper for the background, before adding more detail.   

SMSC: Achievements from home

Well done to Ethan and Leyla who shared their achievements from home with us in assembly today. Ethan shared the medal he received for completing a 5k run and Leyla shared all of her Morris Dancing medals with us. Well done to them both. 

SMSC: Certificate Winners

Well done to all our award winners in today's assembly! Year 5 also won the attendance award again! We need just one more to get our treat!

03.11.17: What are we learning next week?

English work will continue to look at the genre of instructions. After finishing our instructions based on our science experiment, we will be writing a set based on a well-known children's book. Maths will look at the mental strategies and written methods for...

Art: Finished Rainforest Bowls

We couldn't wait to share our finished pieces of 3D art work with you! Our 3D bowls are all based on the flowers that you could find in the rainforest. We have used collage techniques to create the 3D structures and add-on flowers. We are so proud of ourselves - we...

Fruit Tasting

Today we tasted the different fruits from the story  'Handa's surprise.'  We then wrote adjectives to describe the fruit.         

Art: Finishing Touches

This afternoon, we added the finished touches to our rainforest-themed bowls using PVA glue and coloured sand! Then, we added our collage flower to finish them - they look amazing!


This afternoon the children considered whether accidental painting is actually art.   


In French, we learnt the names for the animals that we had made in RE today. See below for the amazing pictures!

RE: Worship with Steven

As always, it was lovely to welcome Steven into our KS2 worship this morning. Today he told us all a wonderful and extraordinary story about a man called Martin who went off to the war, before becoming a monk. Through this story, we were reminded of the importance to...

Our immediate area

The children have been taking pictures of our immediate area in order to capture an image, which they will then recreate using watercolours. Here are some of their images, which show off their photography skills.         ...

Science with Miss Hillidge

Miss Hillidge will be comin to work with us on Wednesdays. We will be learning about materials. Today we looked at the different materials different objects are made out of.      

RE Creation

We had a very busy afternoon making things to show what God created.                         

Pre learning

Discuss and share some newspaper reports with your child, looking at the features. Also look at the 6 times table together and spot any patterns.

Art: Marbling Paper

We had great fun this afternoon creating marbled paper with Mrs Lyon! It was rather messy, but we're going to use our finished paper within our collage flowers.  They're going to be beautiful!

Science: Crime Scene at Golborne High School

This afternoon we happened to come across a crime scene at Golborne High School!  Thankfully, Miss Hillidge had secured the area prior to our arrival and she had a couple of forensic scientist suits that we could use.     At the scene, some...