Its Good to be Green!

How it works…

  • The Good to be Green chart displays every child’s name below a pocket containing a green, amber and red card.
  • Children are encouraged to ‘stay on green’ through the visual aid and through a variety of rewards – this avoids overlooking those children who consistently behave well.
  • In each class, the expected code of conduct (the school and agreed class rules) are displayed next to the ‘Good to be Green’ chart.
  • Children have the chance to start afresh on a ‘green card every day and are expected to maintain that status throughout the day.
  • If a child chooses not to adhere to the agreed rules they move onto a yellow card – correcting their behaviour means they can move back to green without further consequence – this acts as their warning
  • If a child ignores the warning opportunity, and continues to make bad choices through inappropriate behaviour, they are moved to a red card. This will then result in time out, spent in another class.
  • ‘Privilege’ cards are awarded throughout the day for those pupils who display exemplary behaviour and give others a role model to aspire towards. At the end of each term all children who have received the privilege award receive an additional treat.