Motivated Minds

Motivated Minds is a not for profit company that helps children to understand and deal with their emotions in a positive way. Using Team building, fun & fitness and mindfulness we encourage our students to BE positive, BE confident and see the World in a different LIGHT.

Since September 2018 we have been working closely with staff to deliver our health and wellbeing course, SATs preparation course and introduction to mindfulness.

Over 12 weeks year 4 were participating in our Health and Wellbeing course. Over the 12 weeks they learnt about mediation and other mindfulness techniques. Each session was designed to push the students so that they could learn coping methods when negative emotions emerged.

The student’s Social Emotional skills grew each week and by the end they were happier to show and speak about thoughts and feelings. These new skills will mean that they will be able to build and maintain positive relationships, control emotional outburst, see things in a more positive way and deal with struggles more effectively.

Year 6 over the last 5 weeks with a few more sessions remaining have been using mindfulness techniques to overcome anxiety and other negative emotions in preparation to SAT’s
These sessions are part of our case studies to show that mindfulness will help students who struggle with test.

Motivated Minds went into each class to do an introduction to mindfulness. Students learnt the importance of being in the moment to focus on themselves and their own thoughts and feelings.  As well as an ancient calming technique that helps with anxiety, anger, and sadness.

We are now looking forward to doing a workshop with the staff to show the importance of mindfulness and how it can continue to help their students and themselves.