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Welcome to Year 6’s page where lots of exciting and interesting new learning is taking place!

In Year 6 we endeavour to provide our pupils with an awe-inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum. Our learning is not focused on purely academic success in the core subjects, but is tailored to allow our children to succeed is a variety of areas. We want children to enjoy coming to school; this is why our school-wide focus of outdoor learning is utilised to further impact their learning. Through offering our pupils a broad curriculum, we are preparing them for later life, which we hope will be highly aspirational, as they are having a wide range of experiences allowing them to chase any career they wish.


We provide our children the chance to experience numerous different genres through reading: from classic texts, to modern novels, to poetry, the children are subjected to a wide-range of text types. As a reading school, we aim to instill a love of reading in our pupils which will stay with them throughout their life. Our amazing library offers a vast range of challenging texts for all ability of reader, ensuring that our pupils will always have a book to suit their preferences.

Within their writing, the children are exposed to and taught how to write for a variety of genres. We aim to capture their imagination through a multitude of ‘hooks’ (something that captures their attention) – this can include real-life issues, historical issues, outdoor learning or media-based hooks. In Year 6, children enjoy writing and this is something we strive to facilitate every day. Writing is a chance for the children to be creative and show their passion for writing.


Problem solving is a vital part of the children’s later life, within our maths lessons we teach the pupils how to solve problems effectively and confidently. Not only do we tackle one-step arithmetic problems, but also multi-step problems, these allow our pupils to be suitably challenged whilst learning valuable life skills. In addition, we also focus on the reasoning element of maths; this allows the children to answer what they are doing and why they are doing it.


As a class, we effectively follow and preach our Christian values. We model our school’s core values of love, hope, peace and joy, to the rest of the school. Often we ask ourselves ‘what would Jesus do?’, this allows our children to consider their own actions and gives them the opportunity to do the right thing. Through our deep understanding of The Bible, the children can reflect on its teachings, applying these to their own lives – this helps our children to consider what it means to be a Christian. We also have the chance to learn about and experience different cultures and religions, thus giving Year 6 a balanced view of the world they live in and the diverse nature of the UK.


Through the wider curriculum, our pupils are subjected to a vast array of informative, fun and exciting subjects. In our music sessions the children love to take apart songs from popular culture, learn how to perform them and then showcase them as a class. During PE, Year 6 experience a wide range of sports and activities with our fantastic equipment. Additionally, our children have many opportunities to take part in competitions with local schools on a monthly basis.

In our topic lessons we cover slavery, studying our local area, The Vikings and rivers: using our expert geographical/ historical skills we tackle each subject with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, which allows Year 6 to learn in depth. Within our science lessons we learn about a lot of scientific topics, we use both practical methods (using our vast resources) and theoretical teachings.

Thinking skills are another vital part of being in Year 6 – we conduct two philosophy lessons per half term. These lessons offer the children to really consider deep questions and question thoroughly everything that is around them.


Obviously, Year 6 is a year in which the children sit their SATs – we ask only that the children do their very best and there is absolutely no pressure from the school put onto the children. We want Year 6 to enjoy their last year with us and to garner a love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

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