Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future.

See the video below which shows wellbeing at St Thomas’.

At St. Thomas’ values are at the heart of all we do. We provide a safe, supportive environment which empowers children to grow and develop their self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. Our unique learners are resilient and are willing to take big risks to make big leaps.

Values are actively promoted, modelled, and celebrated by all. Our inspiring curriculum and pastoral care teaches children the importance of healthy lifestyles: physically, mentally and spiritually.

We were tasked with working effectively as a team today with Martyn @MotivatedMinds5 . He also challenged us to deal with losing and injustice in a positive/gracious way. #gstcewellbeing

In our PSHE this afternoon we talked about Growth Mindset and how it can help us achieve more and be the best possible versions of ourselves. #gstcewellbeing #gstcepshe

This morning we tried to spread a bit of positivity in Y3. We are all a special gift and sometimes we forget to focus on on the positive things about ourselves. So we went around and wrote something positive about each person in our class #gstcepshe #gstcewellbeing

Another great session with @MotivatedMinds5 this morning. We made worry boxes to help us if we ever feel anxious #gstcewellbeing #gstcepshe

Today we had our first session with Martyn from @MotivatedMinds5 .We thought about what makes us worried and what makes us happy. We also had a special visit from Thelma. #gstcepshe #gstcesmsc #gstcewellbeing

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