Mission Statement

“A journey in faith, arriving with hope.”

School Vision and Values

To ensure the children are highly valued by all members of the school community.

St. Thomas’ creates a culture of high aspirations by making the school the heart of the community. We aim to develop a culture of curiosity and creativity by unleashing our children’s God-given potential to make a difference in our locality and beyond.

Our parents, staff and governors see and understand the individual talents of each pupil and the opportunities provided. We openly celebrate and reward children’s successes and achievements.

To inspire all children through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum enabling every child to succeed.

We create an ethos where everyone is an explorer and an active participant. Children are challenged and encouraged to thrive in all areas. Our aim is to nurture talent and ensure children are equipped to live life in all its fullness.

Children experience a wide range of high quality lessons and enrichment activities daily. We recognise that children are naturally curious; therefore, child-led learning is developed through their questions.

To nurture children’s wellbeing to ensure healthy mind, body and spirit.

At St. Thomas’ values are at the heart of all we do. We provide a safe, supportive environment which empowers children to grow and develop their self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. Our unique learners are resilient and are willing to take big risks to make big leaps.

Values are actively promoted, modelled, and celebrated by all. Our inspiring curriculum and pastoral care teaches children the importance of healthy lifestyles: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our Values:

LOVE: Have a generous heart and a selfless personality.

HOPE: Be the light in the darkness.

PEACE: Be quick to forgive and slow to judge.

JOY: See the positives, always find a reason to smile.

RESILIENCE: Show perseverance in challenging situations.

DIVERSITY: Embrace and love each other’s uniqueness.

COURAGE: Be brave, take risks.

CURIOSITY: Be inquisitive, be an explorer.

RESPECT: Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

INCLUSION: Everyone matters, come together and make a difference.